An authokh (OTH-awk[2][3]) was a coin minted in Chessenta and commonly used in the region of Faerûn that included the Border Kingdoms, Tashalar, the Vilhon Reach, and lands to the south of these. It was accepted at its full value (five gold pieces[1][3]) in places like Amn, Scornubel, and Westgate, but was not recognized in Cormyr, Sembia, the Dalelands, the Dragon Reach, the Moonsea, the Sword Coast, or Tethyr. In Waterdeep and Calimshan, it was worth one silver piece.[1][2][3]


Early authokhs were square with a small hole in the center for stringing together on a leather lace or the like. The design on one side was twelve leaves arranged in a ring that surrounded the hole. The image on the reverse was twelve daggers arranged in a ring with tips pointing outward.[1][2][3] After she became a war hero, the authokh was minted with a bust of Shala Karanok wearing a crown on the obverse, and the burning brand of House Luthcheq on the reverse.[4]

The coin was stamped from "delmed" silver—an alloy of silver, copper and other bright metals in exact proportions, giving it a translucent green tint with a surface that would not take a polish like other metal coins.[1][2][3]


This coin was originally minted long ago in a city somewhere in Chessenta, but the name of the city has been forgotten. Back then, it had a value of twelve gold pieces, but has since been revalued at five gold pieces.[1][3] As of the reign of Shala Karanok, the Chessentan mint was in Luthcheq.[4] The authokh and its sibling, the bebolt, were used instead of the platinum piece as a convenient trading currency by merchants who traveled extensively in the region.[3][4]


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