Autton Shadowshroud was a male elven assassin and a member of the Shadowkind assassin guild based in the city of Procampur in the Vast in the 1360s DR.[1]


Autton was 5 feet and 2 inches (1.57 meters) tall and weighed only 120 pounds (56 kilograms). However, Autton was surprisingly strong for his thin and small frame. As one of the Shadowkind, he dyed his naturally blond, short hair black. His eyes were almond in color, and displayed his intellect and cruelty.[1]


Autton was a capable fighter and a stealthy assassin.[1]


Autton wore leather armor and wielded a shortsword, a half-dozen daggers, and a shortbow. He used poison on his weapons.[1]


When Calispar Delgorth, a Talonan priest and member of the Vipers bandits, offered to demonstrate his magic-resistant poison for the Shadowkind, Autton Shadowshroud was sent to represent the guild and oversee the test. On the 28th Eleasias in the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR, Autton met with Calispar near Brynwood and was taken to the Vipers' Nest. On the 1st of Eleint, the pair slipped into Sevenecho to poison a well, killing a few villagers and sickening more. The local priests of Tymora found that their magic could do nothing to identify or cure the poison.

The experiment a success, Autton and Calispar returned to the Vipers' Nest to concoct more of the magic-resistant poison. However, Calispar could not make it lethal enough for the Shadowkind's purposes. Therefore he worked long and hard under Autton's gaze over the next few days to refine a more potent version.[1]


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