Avenger was the third and final novel in the Blades of the Moonsea series by Richard Baker.

Rhovann Disarnnyl, Master Mage of Hulburg

He was an arrogant elf lord, exploiting the life of luxury his ancestral home in Myth Drannor afforded him, before the upstart human Geran Hulmaster maimed him in a duel and the city uncovered his predilection for necromancy and exiled him.

In vengeance, he drove Geran's family from their ancestral lands, filled the town with nightmarish golems to enforce his will, and crushed the native Hulburgans with the aggressive enforcement of unfair laws.

But Geran is intent on making Rhovann's life miserable. Stirring up unrest, killing his allies, mustering an army.... Why can't Geran just admit he's lost? The only reason he's not dead is that Rhovann prefers to see him suffer.

But what can one expect from humans? The art of revenge is wasted on them.

Better to kill them all—down to the last Hulmaster.


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