Avner of Hartsvale was a thief and scout in Hartsvale in the 14th century DR.


Avner was an orphan living in Hartwick in Hartsvale. He lived as a thief from a young age until the firbolg Tavis Burdun opened his eyes to honest work. Avner changed his life and become one of the most reliable scouts of the vale. At last he died saving his queen's child.

However, problems arose when his soul arrived in the Fugue Plane. The new god of death Kelemvor decided to send his soul to Torm's realm as he died in the line of duty but Mask arrived to explain that he was False, having always honored the giant goddess Diancastra, claimed to be an aspect of Mask. In order to save Avner, Kelemvor proclaimed him one of his Chosen: a seraph of death. Later, it was revealed that Avner had all along followed Mask's instructions in a plot to discredit Kelemvor.[2]




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