Awakening was an enchantment/invocation spell that allowed the caster to activate an item with multiple magical enchantments, or dweomers.[1]


This spell could be used in the process of creating a magical item, or attaching additional enchantments to one created with the spell enchant an item. In the case of the former, items had to be prepared with eternal flame and either wondrous web or holy vesting. If additional spells, such as Merald's meld, crown meld, Veladar's vambrace, Nulathoe's ninemen, or holy might were cast on the item prior to its awakening, the success rate would increase cumulatively.[1]

Failure of this spell would cause this item to crumble to dust or explode in a fireball. Success would render it ready for use and cause it to shine with a bright magical light.[1]


The material components for this spell were an inscribed arcane scroll, a valuable gem, and a living plant that had been somehow altered by magic. The number of spells that were required to be inscribed on the scroll, as well as the value of the gem were both dependent on the number of enchantments on the item being created.[1]



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