Awakening was a multi-school divine spell that released a wave of light that woke individuals from their sleep and undid a number of magical effects.[1]


When cast, this spell radiated light outwards from the caster in all directions for 15 feet (4.6 meters), except for directly in front of the caster, where it extended for 45 feet (13.7 meters). The light awoke any sleeping individuals, dispelled any charm magic, and undid the effects of temporal stasis and suspended animation within its area of effect. Additionally it "unlocked" any arcane locks and sprung any ordinary or magical traps within the area.[1]

There was a chance when awakening was cast, that none of these effects would occur. Rather, any items or individuals that may have been affected by the spell were surrounded in a faint aura that was only visible to the caster.[1]


This spell was inscribed within the holy relic, the Tome of the Morning.[2]


Awakening required verbal and somatic components in order to be cast.[1]



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