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An axe was a single- or double-bladed weapon made from a metal or stone head mounted on a haft of varying length. The haft was usually made of wood to reduce the overall weight. The term "axe" is used here as an archetype of hand-held slashing weapons that fit this description and where the Blade length is considerably less then the overall weapon length.

Axes were the favoured weapons of many fighters and barbarians (especially dwarves).[5]

Axes in the Realms[]

Dwarven waraxe
Ice axe 
An axe specialized for use in climbing icy surfaces that could also function as a weapon.[6]
Orc double axe
Pole axes and Halberds
Throwing axe

Notable Axes[]

It was not uncommon for weapons, especially enchanted ones, to have names; usually reflecting their origin or abilities. The most famous blades were those wielded by gods or heroes, and usually possessed considerable magical power. Some examples included:

This battleaxe was the favored weapon of the dwarven deity Gorm Gulthyn, gave its wielder the power of a robe of eyes.[7][8]
This battleaxe was the favored weapon of Clangeddin Silverbeard, the dwarven deity of battle.[7]
This battleaxe was capable of stealing psionic strength from its victims. It was the favored weapon of the dwarven deity Deep Duerra.[7][9]
This battleaxe wielded by the gnomish deity Callarduran Smoothhands would sometimes slay drows and spiders instantly.[10][11]
A vorpal battleaxe which was capable of magically digging great holes in the earth.[12]