Axe beaks were tall and aggressive flightless birds.[2]


Axe beaks got their name from their sharp wedge-shaped beaks. They had strong necks and powerful legs, which they used to sprint at high speeds.[2][1]


Axe beaks were aggressive hunters and usually hunted during daytime. They were always prone to attack any unfamiliar creatures that approached them.[2][1]


The main natural weapon an axe beak used in combat was its heavy and sharp beak.[2][1]


Triboar attack-5e

An axe beak being ridden by an orc during a raid in Triboar.

Axe beaks were most commonly found in hills and grasslands,[4] but they were also common to the jungles of Chult and the Snout of Omgar.[5][6]

Flocks of axe beaks were also believed to be protective of their young, rushing to its aid in case of danger.[7]

The tortles of Ahoyhoy sometimes captured wild axe beaks to sell them to visitors.[8]


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