Ayala Windspear was an elven Harper and saved Drogan Droganson's life after the kobold attack on Hilltop.


Ayala was a slim elf, with long dirty-blonde hair, often put into a pony tail. She was a keen healer and herbalist and worshiped the greater deity Mystra.


A deeply caring person, Ayala was very loyal to the Harpers. She knew a great deal about herbs, toxins and poisons and used her knowledge to help and heal others.


Though originally looked upon with suspicious by two of Drogan's apprentices, Xanos Messarmos and Dorna Trapspringer, Ayala earned their trust and worked alongside them in efforts to protect Hilltop. Mischa Waymeet was originally trusting of Ayala and stayed behind at the school to help her with the healing of Drogan and to protect the school from any further attacks. Ayala was a fellow Harper agent alongside Drogan and healed him back to health after he was gravely poisoned.


Ayala, who was passing through the Silver Marches area to note any strange occurrences for the Harpers, tracked some kobolds and knew something was wrong when the kobolds arrived in Hilltop, especially as these kobolds had traveled so far from their original home in the Nether Mountains.

With the knowledge that artifacts were being held in Hilltop, Ayala traveled quickly to Drogan but was too late to stop the attack. She attempted to identify the poison and heal Drogan but the poison resisted, to be later identified as a magically-altered form of snake-venom. Further healing required tressym tongue, charcoal and helmthorn berries, which were collected further in town by Drogan's oldest apprentice. Ayala eventually managed to heal Drogan back to full recovery. She also provided detailed information about the stolen artifacts to Drogan's apprentices, which lead to the recovery of them.




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