Azazel, called the Serpent and formerly named Hazzael, was an exiled archdevil living in Avernus.[1][2]


Azazel resembled a humanoid with emerald-green scales, claws, a snake-like head, and bat-like wings. He was about 10‑foot (3‑meter) tall and had a 40‑foot (12‑meter) wingspan.[1]


Azazel was exceedingly arrogant and did not take well to being ordered around by any being that he deemed lesser than himself, a list that included all devils but Asmodeus, Mephistopheles, Baalzebul, and Adramalech. He was also very vain, wearing rich garments incorporating fur, gold braid, and excessive and gaudy jewelry.[1]


As an archdevil, Azazel could use a wide variety of magical powers at will, including being able to cause fear just by touching a creature. He was also a formidable combatant, being able to attack with all four sets of claws and his fangs while flying. However, he typically preferred to use a broadsword or three-bladed military fork.[1]


Azazel, arrogant as he was, would not cooperate with any other devil. He spent his time in exile in pursuit of self-indulgent amusements, such as plotting to overthrow Tiamat and take over Avernus. He had managed to kill a number of her offspring and three of her consorts.[1]


Azazel was originally known as Hazzael, and was an accomplished strategist and general of infernal armies. However, his arrogance and rejection of what he deemed wrongful authority got him thrown out of two different dukedoms.[1]

When he was exiled, his name was changed from Hazzael to Azazel, to the mutual displeasure of both him and the demon lord of the same name, by Asmodeus. The King of Hell had done so to stymie any attempts to summon Azazel by mortal summoners, as the method for summoning him had become widely known.[1]



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