Azhir Kren was the tharchioness of Gauros in Thay, during the 14th century DR.[4] She constantly plotted and schemed to invade the realm of Rashemen to the north,[5] in the years following her mother's death.[2]


The young warrior was tough and cynical woman.[2] She was rather thin and her face had sharp features.[6].


Azhir's mother was Narvonna Kren, the founder of the Kren family and zulkir of evocation since the early 13th century.[1] Her father was the tharchion of Delhumide and started her appreciation of combat and martial prowess at an early age.[2]


During war expeditions, Tharchioness Kren adorned a suit of +2 blue-enameled plate mail.[7] She wielder her father's +3 greatsword and wore a ring of feather falling.[2]


Azhir ascended to her role as a leader by pure hard work, despite her mother's influence and the fact her father was a previous tharchion of Delhumide. Azhir's mother died fighting in Rashemen in the year 1347 DR.[2]

Ten years later, she allied with the zulkir of necromancy Szass Tam in an attempted invasion of Rashemen. While Kren's legions and the lich's undead forces were rebuked, she didn't lose her zeal for war directed at the northern realm.[5]

After a failed attempt at conquering a Rashemi town in 1375 DR, Azhir's army was rescued by Szass Tam. She pledged her unfailing allegiance to the lich during his attempt to ascend as High Regent of Thay.[8]



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