Azla was a female pirate in 1359 DR.


Azla was an officer in the Cormyrean army and member of a prominent family. However, her patrol was attacked and destroyed by Zhentilar soldiers and in face of certain death Azla escaped.[1]

She never forgave herself and, while she was believed dead with all her companions by her superiors and by her family, she went to the Pirate Isles hoping to meet her death. Instead, however, Azla thrived and in time she rose through the pirates' ranks, aided by information against some Sembian targets. Slowly, around her grew a group of supporters that wanted Azla as the new pirate lord.[1]

At this point, around 1354 DR, she clashed with Vurgrom and decided to relocate to Alphar Isle, waiting for the right time to strike.[1]

In 1359 DR, Azla had forty ships under her command in the Oresk harbor.[2]


Azla was an able tactician and was generous in distributing taken wealth.[2]



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