Azul, also known as Calor, was the Maztican god of rain and water.[1]


Azul normally appeared as a meticulously clean, slightly plump young child. He always wore a gown of clean cotton.[1]


Azul was the twin brother of Tezca, the god of fire, and one of the children of Kukul and Maztica. He was believed to have given humans the gift of clean water for drinking and bathing. When his older brothers Qotal and Zaltec fought, he, along his his twin and his younger brother Plutoq sided with Zaltec.[2]


Azul was a very important god for the Mazticans. His priests practiced humans sacrifice, by drowning young children in a ritual pool. The priests also kept themselves clean in honor of their god's nature.[1]



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The Maztican Pantheon
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