Azurite was an ornamental stone slightly less common than another, related stone, malachite.[5][6]


Azurite had deep blue striations or blotches mixed with other shades of blue. It was typically tumbled smooth and cut cabochon to be used to decorate rings or belts.[5][6] A normal specimen had a base value of 10 gp.[1][2][3][4]


Azurite had properties similar to malachite, but was only effective against heat or fire. If kept in direct contact with the skin, azurite prevented all injury by normal heat sources and reduced damage by fire or open flame by half.[6]


Some families of Calishite, Halruaan, Myth Drannan, and Netherese descent had the tradition of strapping lucky azurite stones to their bodies while cooking or working at a forge. They often mounted them on armbands and slid them up all the way to the armpits to keep them concealed, protected, or just out of the way.[6]


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