Baazka was the powerful pit fiend responsible for the Second Dragonspear War of the mid–14th century DR, that later allied with the Red Wizards of Thay in Daggerford circa the Year of the Nether Mountain Scrolls, 1486 DR.[2]


While he originated from the Nine Hells, Baazka was one of the leaders of the devils that gained control of Dragonspear Castle in the 14th century. He led the fiendish horde in the Second Dragonspear War of 1363 DR[3].

However, at the end of that conflict Baazka was pierced with the magic sword Illydrael by a cleric of Tempus. Smote through the heart but not yet dead he escaped into the gate as it was on the verge of closing and returned to the Hells. Baazka had risked all, as if the sword had kill him while on Toril, he could have come back in a century, but if it had killed him in the Hells, he would have died for good. Baazka survived but was afraid to move the sword while he was in the Hells. He also couldn't return to Toril until the gate closed by "Illydrael" remained inactive.

In 1485 DR, the Dragonspear gate reopened and Baazka returned in a ghostly state. In this state he tried to possess the Red Wizard Mennek Ariz but failed and Mennek alerted his superiors. Thus Baazka bargained with Szass Tam to help the Red Wizards in exchange for their help in freeing him from the sword's curse. Baazka chose Bloodgate Keep as the perfect hideout for the Thayans' experiments. He also corrupted Shalendra Floshin and had her help the Red Wizards in their project and as a contingency plan when the Red Wizards inevitably betrayed him.

In 1486 DR, when the heroes of Daggerford marched to Bloodgate he plotted to help them in exchange for their help with the sword, obviously tricking them.[2] Baazka, with help from Mennek, manifested himself in front of adventurers just before their fight with the Thayan lich Tarul Var, offering his help in exchange for removing the sword. They then had to decide whether to accept the devil's help or to fight the pit fiend as well, who would end up dead back in the Nine Hells[4]





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