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Baboons were a species of herbivorous species of monkey that lived in groups.[4]


Baboons were known for being very territorial and would attempt to drive off any invaders. However, they generally would flee if met with determined resistance by their invaders.[4] Whenever they were threatened they would bark and howl.[5]


An intelligent species of baboon that inhabited the Kera Valley in Shou Lung.[6]


These creatures lived in packs of ten to forty members, with two to eight large males acting as leaders.[4]


Baboons lived in forested, mountainous, or plains regions with a tropical or subtropical climate.[3]

They could be found all throughout the jungles of Chult.[7][8] In the Hordelands, numerous tribes of them lived within the Howling Gap and their howls were thought by some to be the mountain pass's namesake.[5]

In east Zakhara, baboons could be found in the Grey Jungle.[9] And in the Crowded Sea of Zakhara, they could be found in the island chain of Nada al-Hazan[10] and the archipelago of Jazayir al-Sartan.[11]


A baboon could be summoned by the conjure animals spell.[12]


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