Backlash was a single-target spell that affected only spellcasters, such as wizards and clerics. It was similar to the death link spell, but not as potent. If placed upon non-spellcasters, the spell was entirely nullified.[1]


Upon casting the spell, a barely detectable dweomer was placed upon the target. However, there was no immediate effect. Instead, the dweomer would last until the target cast a spell that failed. Backlash could not be removed by standard measures, such as dispel magic.[1]

When backlash magically detected a spell failure cast by the target, it was reversed on the target themselves. It also ignored any of the target's resistances or immunity to the effect of the reversed spell.[1]

Interestingly, the spell could be cast several times on a target. This wouldn't, however, cause a single spell failure to backlash several times. Instead, only the earliest backlash was triggered and the others waited their turn, in order of oldest to newest.[1]


Only verbal and somatic components were required to cast this spell.[1]


This spell was used amongst the drow, and it was said that some accomplished drow wizards had invented a higher-level version of the same spell. Rumors said this "improved" backlash would wait for a second spell failure—even up to five failures—before triggering.[1]



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