A badge of the Watch was a magical badge that was awarded to members of the City Watch of Waterdeep who had achieved the rank of captain during the 15th century DR.[1]


The badge of the Watch had the emblem of Waterdeep. It could be either carried or worn.[1]


Acquiring a badge of the Watch meant having earned the trust of the Open Lord of Waterdeep. Only the Open Lord could award badges of the Watch, and also had the power to terminate an individual's attunement to it.[1]

While wearing a badge of the Watch, the user gained a magically enhanced ability to defend against attacks. Moreover, if the badge came to a distance of more than 5 ft (1.5 m) away from the person it was attuned to, it immediately appeared next to the Open Lord, who then needed only to hold it to become aware of the person's location.[1]

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Jalester Silvermane, one of Laeral Silverhand's field operatives, possessed a badge of the Watch.[2]


During the 14th century, captains of the City Guard were given amulets, rather than badges, that identified their status within Waterdeep.[3]



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