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Badgers were a squat, furry species of mustelid.[2]


Badgers a distinctive white stripe from the tip of its long nose to the back of its head and white cheeks.[2] They were a burrowing creature,[4][2] considered to be experts at digging.[2]


Badgers were fierce fights[4] and notorious for their fury when threatened. Despite its small size, when angered a badger's strong bite and sharp claws could be highly dangerous.[2]


Giant badger
a rare variety that were twice the size of the standard badger, but largely the same in appearance.[4]


Badgers were typically encountered solitarily, unless they had a mate.[4]


In the Unapproachable East, badgers could be found in the Tannath Gap, Yuirwood, and Ashenwood.[5]

In Kara-Tur they could be found in its temperate plains and forests, tropical forests, and steppelands.[6]


Badgers were admired by the gnome race[7] and could often be seen serving as "watchdogs" for rock gnome homes.[8] They were also favored by rangers and druids as animal companions.[9]

Badgers were a favored animal of the deities Garl Glittergold, Geb, Rillifane Rallathil, Sheela Peryroyl, Silvanus, and Tempus. They often chose these beasts to act as symbols of their favor to their followers.[10]


Some creatures were known to hunt badgers for the pelts. These typically fetched prices of around 10 to 30 gold pieces.[4]



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