Baerick Hammerstone was a dwarf master of the black ice in Icewind Dale in 1485 DR.[1]


Wearing splint mail in battle, Baerick fought with a black ice maul and light hammer.[2]


Baerick was a simple miner of Clan Battlehammer when he and his crew were recruited by Pallidor, a former member of the Arcane Brotherhood, to recover the corpse of Akar Kessell. However, Baerick was the first to discover the black ice, which drove him mad. Crazed, he killed all his fellows and afterward became subservient to Kessel, who had risen as a wight.

Under Kessel's orders, Baerick spread the black ice through the dale, corrupting many people. Meanwhile, back at Kelvin's Cairn, he questioned Stokely Silverstream's leadership, resulting in a schism in the group. Similarly disaffected dwarves followed Baerick and departed. They established themselves in the Halls of Black Ice, where Baerick plotted to conquer all dwarves.[1]



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