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Baerimgrim was a king of Galadorna during the mid–8th century DR.[1]

"A flock of vultures," the king muttered, watching the liveried lackeys drifting into the throne room. "None of them people I'd choose to have standing by, watching me die."
— King Baerimgrim on his barons in 764 DR[1]


The man was rather indifferent to threats of violence, and was strongly tempted to make fun of such even when bedridden. He disliked scheming, too. He still wanted to do right by his land.[1]


By the end of his life, he looked like a thin, frail husk.[1]


He was childless, and served by five barons: Tholone, Belundrar, Hothal, Feldrin, and Maethor. All of them had blood ties to the throne. His court mage was Ilgrist, who was a close friend.[1]


He carried an enchanted ring of some sort, which had some unknown protective powers; it made it dangerous to try and attack him from close by.[1]


During the last decade of Baerimgrim's reign, starting around 754 DR, Lord Tholone had willfully disregarded the royal decrees of the king.[1] In the Year of the Sharp Edge, 763 DR, King Baerimgrim rode to Tholone's lands with a retinue of armed knights ready to demand his renewed oath of loyalty and back taxes. However, the king was attacked along the way by the green dragon Arlavaunta, leading to the wounds that left him bedridden for the last year of his life.[1]

During the royal moot called by King Baerimgrim in the subsequent Year of Mistmaidens, 764 DR, which was held to search for a successor among his barons, the king had to be lashed to his throne. Baerimgrim heard entreaties from Hothal, who discussed a truce with the Lords of Laothkund, and then from the others, who converged on Lord Tholone as the heir, with Belundrar as his seneschal; Feldrin agreed to support the arrangement, on the condition that Hothal be eliminated right away and Maethor later assassinated. The King agreed to all those conditions, and agreed to make Tholone the successor.[1]

A spell cast by Ilgrist then killed Tholone and the king.[1]


It was said that Arlavaunta attacked King Baerimgrim on Tholone's orders.[1]




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