Baerithryn, also known as Braer, was an elf wizard who tutored the young Elminster Aumar.


Baerithryn was an elf living in the High Forest and a powerful wizard, one of the last to know the secret of the magic of weredragoning. Braer was also a devoted worshiper of Mystra, a choice unusual for an elf.

Mystra herself in her mortal disguise asked Braer to tutor the young Elminster in magical art. Thus Braer became the first magical teacher of El. After Elminster learned all he could, the two parted ways.

Years later, Elminster, by now a powerful wizard, came to ask for the help of Braer and his fellow elves in his insurrection against the Magelords of Athalantar. Braer agreed and was decisive in the battle. In the end, Braer transformed into a silver dragon and confronted the black dragon of magelord Undarl but in the fighting both of them died.[1]


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