Baeron Silmaeril was one of the original Lords of Waterdeep.[2] Along with Shilarn, he overthrew the Lords Magister Ehlemm Zoar and Lhorar Gildeggh to restore the government of Waterdeep.[1]


Baeron married Shilarn, also a Lord of Waterdeep. They had a daughter, Lhestyn the Masked Lady, who later became an Open Lord of Waterdeep.[1]

Baeron was friends with King Jaszur of Tethyr.[3]

Lord Baeron was served by the general, Delver Kinlake, for 30 years. As a token of his appreciation for his loyalty, Baeron bestowed upon Delver a fine suit of armor.[4]


After the Council of Guildmasters seized power in Waterdeep in 1256 DR, most of the Lords of Waterdeep were eliminated because their identities, which were supposed to have remained secret, had been compromised. Only Baeron and Shilarn are known to have survived this purge. In 1273 DR, they both entered the court of the Lords Magister Ehlemm Zoar and Lhorar Gildeggh, who were in power in the city at the time, and demanded that they leave the city. When they refused, Shilarn struck them down and killed them using her magic. Baeron revealed his identity, restoring the original form of government and becoming the Open Lord.[1][5]

In 1302 DR, Lady Lhestyn and her husband, Zelphar Arunsun, had a child, Baeron's grandson, Khelben the Younger.[2]

Baeron died of fever in 1308 DR. His wife, Shilarn, killed herself by jumping onto his funeral pyre.[1]



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