A bag of beans was a rare magical item.[1]


The bag looked like a regular small sack and was made from heavy cloth.[1]


The bag contained dried beans, which looked like regular ordinary beans but they contained powerful magical properties. If a bean was dropped on the ground, it exploded in a brilliant fireball.[1]

The owner of the bag had no way of knowing what power a bean held. But if a bean was planted, the magical properties were revealed. The magical effects of the beans ranged from minor to incredibly powerful.[1]

The known magical properties of the beans are listed below:

  • Spawn a treant, although there was a risk it would be evil.[2]
  • Summon an aggressive bulette.[2]
  • Create a patch of toadstool mushrooms.[2]
  • Create a statue that resembled the individual who planted the bean. It was rooted in place but for a day it was animate, and was verbally aggressive towards the individual who planted the bean.[2]
  • Create a tree bearing fruit. The fruit had the effect of various potions.[2]
  • Create a large pyramid, which contained a mummy lord.[2]
  • Sprout a patch of shriekers.[2]
  • Create a campfire of blue flame that burned for a full day.[2]
  • Summon a geyser of liquid. The liquid could be water, beer, juice, tea or even oil.[2]
  • Sprout a gigantic beanstalk.[2]




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