A bag of devouring was one of many feeding orifices possessed by enormous creatures that lived in the space between dimensions.[1][2][3][4]


As a lure to attract potential food, a bag of devouring resembled an ordinary bag. It sometimes appeared empty, while other times it appeared to be holding beans. Even magical detection concealed its true nature, revealing it to be a bag of holding.[1][3][4] As naturally occurring parts of a creature, bags of devouring could not be created.[3]


The creature connected to the bag of devouring immediately consumed and destroyed any organic material that was fully inserted into it. If living matter was partially inserted, such as when someone reached inside the opening, the creature attempted to pull the person inside. If not rescued within seconds, a person pulled inside the bag was also devoured, their body lost forever.[1][3][4] The destruction was so complete that even powerful magic such as true resurrection, miracle, or wish had a chance of failing to bring a devoured creature back to life.[3]

Despite its voracity, the extradimensional creature was not capable of fully digesting non-organic matter. The bag could temporarily store a small volume of material in this way, but the creature eventually spat its contents out into a random location in the Astral Plane or some other plane.[1][3]



Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus


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