A bag of holding was a small sack that acted as an opening to an extradimensional space. The space inside the bag could hold a huge amount of materials without increasing the weight of the bag.[4]


The bag of holding seemed like an ordinary bag on the outside, but it could hold more than it appeared to be able to, so it was used to ease transportation of items.[4][3]


There were similar magical bags to the bag of holding:


A typical bag of holding could hold up to 500 lb (227 kg) of material that did not exceed a volume of 64 cubic feet (1812 l), although other types with different capacities existed. The bag also allowed a few of minutes of breathing air for creatures that would enter it. It could sustain temporarily a breathing creature for up to 10 minutes.[4][3]

If a bag of holding was placed in extradimensional space like a portable hole both would be lost forever, but a rift to the Astral Plane was opened.[4][3] If a bag of holding got overloaded or pierced by something sharp, it and everything in it would be lost forever.[5][4]

Versions of the bag of holding found after the Second Sundering did not destroy its contents if torn or destroyed. Instead, they were scattered in the Astral Plane.[3]


Bags of holding were ancient magical items that have been known throughout the Realms from antiquity.[citation needed]


The Lightfoot communities were intrigued with things related to ease of travel, so bags of holding were more common there than in other communities, as well as a bit cheaper to buy than in most places.[6]

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