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Bakar, a survivor state of the Imaskar Empire,[1] disappeared in approximately 357 DR when the River Athis dried up due to the curse of Bakar's last pharaoh, Amun-Re.[2] Bakar was located in Raurin, and it was the most recent of Imaskar's survivor states to rule there.[1]

Notable locations[]

Locations in Bakar included Terbakar, the capital, which was also the magical source of the River Athis. Also along the River Athis was the garden city of Pazar, the Oasis of the White Palm, and Carthag (later known as Phoenix).[2]

Notable characters[]

Beside the pharoah, Amun-Re, other inhabitants of ancient Bakar include the land's Grand Vizier, Martek.[2]


The people of Bakar worshiped the gods of the Mulhorandi pantheon.



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