The Baker's Guild was an organization of united, skilled bakers that operated within the city of Waterdeep. They were an extremely wealthy and influential guild that was renowned for the high-quality goods they produced.[1]

Their livery consisted of white cloaks and hats highlighted with a light blue chevron.[1]


In addition to the tasty breads and pastries the guild produced, which formed the majority of many Waterdhavians' diets, they garnered the attention of a great many thieves from throughout the city.[1]

As a result, the guild hired dedicated "runners" to ensure their orders were safely delivered to their intended destinations. In addition, these private escorts acted as bodyguards and even chased down anyone who attempted to intercept their wares. While they had no "official" authority within the city, they were often given relative free reign by the City Watch.[1]


Guild membership cost 10 gp, with an annual fee of 5 sp per month. Entrance into the guild had to be approved upon application by the Master and the "Master Bakers" (the ten most-senior members of the guild).[1]

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