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Baldur's Gate is a computer role-playing game developed by BioWare and released in 1998 by Interplay Entertainment. It is the first game in the Baldur's Gate series, and is set in the Sword Coast region of Faerûn. The gameplay is adapted from 2nd edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rules, featuring a mixture of turn-based and pausable real-time combat. The game was critically acclaimed upon its release, and as of 2008 it had sold over 2 million copies.[1]

The plot of Baldur's Gate revolves around the main character, Gorion's Ward, and deals with the politics of the city of Baldur's Gate, as well as the aftermath of the Time of Troubles. The game was novelized by Philip Athans in 1999, with a number of discrepancies between game and novel.

An expansion pack to Baldur's Gate, titled Tales of the Sword Coast, was published in 1999. It adds between 20 and 30 hours worth of content to the original game, including four new areas. In 2012, a remake was released under the title Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition. In addition to various technical enhancements, it adds several new areas, companions, and quests.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The great sage Alaundo foretold the death of the god of murder, Bhaal, and also of his many children. The prophet's words rang true as always. Before the Time of Troubles, Bhaal saw his death coming as well and forced himself upon the women of every race in Faerûn, hoping to spawn vessels through which he could resurrect himself. In the year 1368 DR, these children of the dead god are now coming of age, unbeknownst to nearly everyone.

Volo's map of Baldur's Gate.

Meanwhile, an iron shortage is crippling the southern Sword Coast region. All of the ore coming out of the local mine near Nashkel rots soon after it has been smelted, turning whatever it is made into, be it weapons or armour, useless. The resulting iron shortage has resulted in items made of iron becoming more valuable than gold. Bandits now plague the roads in an attempt to steal what is left from those who paid far more than usual for it in the first place. The city of Baldur's Gate sends out Flaming Fist mercenaries in a near-futile attempt to police the roads but otherwise closes its gates and harbours to all traffic. Accusations are hurled at the state of Amn despite their pleas of innocence and war seems to be on the horizon while a youngster from the library-fortress of Candlekeep is told to prepare for travel.

You play the youngster and after watching your father, Gorion, die at the hands of a mysterious armoured figure you begin an adventure that will affect the Sword Coast from Baldur's Gate to Tethyr.

Gorion, the main character's foster father.

After curing the iron shortage and taking care of the bandits you discover that the Iron Throne is the perpetrator of the entire mess in an effort to force people to buy iron from them at hugely inflated prices from an old dwarven mine they found in the Cloakwood forest. Foiling their plans again, you discover the armoured figure that killed your father is taking over the local Iron Throne operations and installing himself as a Grand Duke of Baldur's Gate so he can force a war between the city and Amn that will cause the deaths of thousands which, in turn will cause him to ascend as the next god of murder through the divine blood of Bhaal in his veins. You discover that you share that divine blood and that the armoured figure is Sarevok, your half-brother. You have to either stop him from being apotheosised before you do or simply put a stop to his evil. Either way, you must kill him.

Tales of the Sword Coast[edit | edit source]

Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast: This is the expansion pack for Baldur's Gate which adds four bonus areas to the existing Baldur's Gate game map: Ulgoth's Beard, a pirate island, an ice island, and Durlag's Tower. These areas provide additional side quests and exploration within the main story line. In addition, it allows the player to reach higher levels of power with increased experience point caps, wielding more powerful spells and better weaponry.

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition[edit | edit source]

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition was produced by Overhaul Games.[2] This version enhanced the original game to work on newer technology like iOS, Android, and Linux. The game also received a few new features and story elements. It was at first set to be released in September 18, 2012, but the date was pushed to November 30 for quality assurance purposes.[3]

Index[edit | edit source]

Characters[edit | edit source]

Abdel Adrian
Ajantis IlvastarrAloraBranwenCoranDynaheirEdwin OdesseironEldoth KronFaldornGarrickImoenJaheiraKagainKhalidKivanMinscMontaronQuayleSafanaShar-Teel DosanSkie SilvershieldTiaxViconia DeVirXanXzarYeslick Orothiar
Cadderly BonaduceDrizzt Do'UrdenElminster AumarVolothamp Geddarm
AasimAbelaAchen DellAlaiAlatos ThuibuldAldeth SashenstarAlgernonAndoutAngelo DosanAolnArcandAreanaArghainArkanisArkionArlinBe'landBellamyBeltBendalisBenjyBentanBentley MirrorshadeBerrun GhastkillBinkosBjorninBlack LilyBorinole MannBrageBrandilarBrathlenBrielbaraBrilla SilvershieldBrunos CostakCailanCanderousCarbosCarsaCasson Belde'arCaturakChanthalas UlbrightCharleston NibChristianConnoly FinnCordyrCyrdemacCythandriaDaer'RaghDabron SashenstarDavaeornDederDegrodelDelornaDestus GurnDilosDirkDiyabDrasusDra'tanDreppinDunDunkinElkartEltanEmersonEnder SaiEntar SilvershieldEntillis FulsomErikFaizah TinFarluckFergusFaltisFelonius GistFentenFirebead ElvenhairForthel AugustFullerG'axirGalileusGallorGandolar LuckyfootGardushGellana MirrorshadeGerdeGervisseGhorakGlaydeGolin VendGreat GazibGretekGreywolfGurkeGyllianHafiz bin WatatHalbazzer DrinHareishanHelsharaHentoldHephisHullIoin GallchobhairIrlentreeIthmeeraJalantha MistmyrJenkalJessa VaiJoiaJopiJondalarKahrkKaranKelddath OrmlyrKentKerrachusKesheelKestorKolssedKoraxKrystinKysusLaertaLamalhaLandrinLaryssaLarzeLenaLendarnLiia JannathLobarLorriazLothanderLouiseLoveyMarekMarlMeakinMelicampMeliumMirianneMordaineMulaheyMutaminNaamanNaderNalinNantrin BellowglynNarcillicus Harwilliger NeenNarlen DarkwalkNatashaNebNelikNemphreNessaNessieNiemainNiklosNikolaiNimbulNooberNoraleeNortuaryObeOogie WishamOrdulinianOspreyOublekPang WallenPardaPargusPerduePetrinePhandalynPhlydiaPoePrismRanceQuayleQuenashQuinnRagefastRamazith FlamesingerRashadRatchildReevorResarRieltar AnchevRoeSamuelSarahSarevok AnchevSarhedraSathScarSchlumpshaSemajSendai ArgrimShankShoalSilSilke RosenaSlytheStephanSuninthe SurgeonSurreyTaerom FuiruimTamahTamokoEmissary TarTarneshTazokTel-anonTenyaTessilanTethtorilThaldornTheodonTranzigTremain Belde'arTriadoreTurpinUlcasterUlrauntUnsheyVailVarci RoaringhornVay-yaVoltineWhelpWilfWinski PerorateWinthropWivenYagoZhalimar CloudwulfeZhurlongZordralZorl Miyar
Referenced only
AlaundoAlemander IVAlemander VBlack AlaricKazgarothKennair NethalinKhelben "Blackstaff" ArunsunLobelahnLyle EspejoNashram Sharboneth

Creatures[edit | edit source]

ankhegbasiliskbatbattle horrorbear (black) • carrion crawlercatchickencowdog (war, wild) • doppelgangerdwarfelfettercapflindghastghoulgibberlinggnollgnomegoblingray oozegreen slimehalflinghalf-elfhalf-ogrehalf-orchamadryadhelmed horrorhobgoblinhorsehumaninvisible stalkerjelly (mustard, ochre) • koboldnereidnymphogreogre mageogrillonphoenix guardratrevenantsirineskeletonspider (huge, phase, sword, wraith) • tasloiwerewolfworgwolf (dire, dread, vampiric) • wraithwyvernxvartzombie
Referenced only

Locations[edit | edit source]

Buildings & Sites
Cloak Wood mineFirewine BridgeHigh HallHigh HedgeJovial JugglerSeawatcherTemple of Bhaal (Undercity)Ulcaster School of WizardryUndercellarUndercity
Sorcerous SundriesThunderhammer Smithy
Inns & Taverns
Belching DragonBlade and StarsBlushing MermaidBurning WizardCandlekeep InnFeldepost's InnFriendly Arm InnHelm and CloakJopalin'sJovial JugglerKeexieNashkel InnRed SheafSplurging SturgeonThree Old Kegs
Coast WayLion's WayTrade Way
Baldur's GateBeregostCandlekeepGullykinNashkel
Cloak WoodLarswoodPeldvaleWood of Sharp Teeth
Regions & Nations
AmnSword Coast
Referenced only
CalimshanDambrathEvereskaForest of TethirFrozen ForestHalruaaGray WasteLake HalruaaLapaliiyaMarsemberMhair JunglesMycontilNetherilOrdulinSea of Fallen StarsSembiaTelath PassTethyrThayUnicorn RunWaterdeep

Items[edit | edit source]

claw of Kazgarothhorn of Kazgaroth
arrow of bitingarrow of detonationarrow of dispellingarrow of firearrow of icearrow of piercingarrow of slayingbolt of bitingbolt of lightningbolt of polymorphing
ankheg plate mailbracers of defensebracers to the deathBrawling HandsThe Dale's Protectorgauntlets of dexteritygauntlets of fumblingGift of PeaceHands of Takkokhelm of Balduranhelm of charm protectionhelm of the nobleLegacy of the Mastersplate of the darkProtector of the Secondshadow armorTelbar's studded leather armorXarrnous' Second Sword Arm
adventurer's robebelt of antipodecloak of Baldurancloak of displacementcloak of protectioncloak of the shieldDestroyer of the Hillselves' BaneFrost's Embracegirdle of masculinity/femininityknave's robenymph cloakRelair's Mistakerobe of the archmagirobe of resistanceSenses of the CatTalos's Gifttraveler's robeWhispers of Silence
Edventar's GiftEdwin's amuletEvermemoryhonorary ring of SuneJester's FollyThe One Lost GiftThe Protectorring of the princesring of fire controlThe Victor
Buckley's bucklerGorm's armshield of the falling stars
The Army ScytheAshideenaBackbiterbattle axe of Mauletardagger of venomThe Dead ShotHarrowerIcingdeathKondarKrotan's skullcrusherProtector of the DryadsSpider's BaneTwinkleVampire's RevengeVarsconawhistling swordXan's moonblade
Staves, rods and wands
Aule's staffwand of fearwand of firewand of frostwand of the heavenswand of lightningwand of magic missileswand of monster summoningwand of paralyzationwand of polymorphingwand of sleep
Potions and oils
oil of fiery burningpotion of absorptionpotion of agilitypotion of claritypotion of cloud giant strengthpotion of cold resistancepotion of explosionspotion of fire breathpotion of fire giant strengthpotion of fire resistancepotion of fortitudepotion of freedompotion of frost giant strengthpotion of geniuspotion of healingpotion of heroismpotion of hill giant strengthpotion of infravisionpotion of insightpotion of insulationpotion of invisibilitypotion of invulnerabilitypotion of magic blockingpotion of magic shieldingpotion of master thieverypotion of mind focusingpotion of mirrored eyespotion of perceptionpotion of powerpotion of regenerationpotion of stone formpotion of stone giant strengthpotion of storm giant strengthpotion of strengthred potionviolet potion

Magic[edit | edit source]

Arcane Spells
1st level
armorblindnessburning handscharm personchill touchchromatic orbcolor sprayfriendsgreaseidentifyinfravisionLarloch's minor drainmagic missileprotection from evilshieldshocking graspsleep
2nd level
Aganazzar's scorcherblurdetect evildetect invisibilityghoul touchhorrorinvisibilityknockknow alignmentluckMelf's acid arrowmirror imageprotection from petrificationresist fearstinking cloudstrengthvocalizeweb
3rd level
clairvoyancedire charmdispel magicfireballflame arrowghost armorhastehold personlightning boltmonster summoning Inondetectionprotection from normal missilesskull trapslowvampiric touch
4th level
confusiondimension doorimproved invisibilityminor globe of invulnerabilitymonster summoning II
5th level
animate deadcloudkillmonster summoning IIIshadow door
Divine spells
1st level
blesscommandcure light woundsdetect evilentanglemagical stoneprotection from evilremove fearsanctuaryshillelagh
2nd level
aidbarkskinchantcharm person or mammaldraw upon holy mightfind trapsflame bladegoodberryhold personknow alignmentresist fire and coldsilence, 15' radiusslow poisonspiritual hammer
3rd level
animate deadcall lightningdispel magicglyph of wardinghold animalinvisibility purgemiscast magicprotection from fireremove curseremove paralysisrigid thinkingstrength of one
4th level
animal summoning Icure serious woundsdefensive harmonyfree actionmental dominationneutralize poisonprotection from evil, 10' radiusprotection from lightning
5th level
animal summoning IIchampion's strengthchaotic commandscure critical woundsflame strikeraise dead

Organizations[edit | edit source]

Band of Merry FoolsFlaming FistHarpersIron ThroneMaulers of UndermountainRed Wizards of ThaySeven SunsZhentarim
Referenced only
Shadow ThievesNight Masks

Religions[edit | edit source]

Referenced only
BaneBeshabaChaunteaGarl GlittergoldJergalKozahMalarMyrkulShialliaTalosTycheTymora

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Food & Drink
Alurlyath wineArabellan DryBitter BlackBlood WineDe'Tranion's Baalor AleElminster's ChoiceEvermeadFirewineMarsember BlushMeadShadowdark ale
Diary of SarevokHistory of the Bell in the DepthsThe History of HalruaaHistory of the VastKnights of Days Hencemanual of bodily healthmanual of gainful exercisemanual of quickness of actiontome of clear thoughttome of leadership and influencetome of understanding
bluestonediamondemeraldflamedancegreenstoneioljadekings' tearslynx eyemoonstonestar sapphiretiger cowrie
Referenced only
Halruaan skyship

Volo's Guide to Baldur's Gate[edit | edit source]

As well as the instructions for gameplay and controls, the game manual that was included in the original Baldur's Gate game included a section titled "Volo's Guide to Baldur's Gate". This was 9 pages of background information on the Sword Coast and monsters found there.

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