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Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal is an expansion pack for the computer role-playing game Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, and is the final chapter in the Baldur's Gate series. It adds one large optional bonus area to the Baldur's Gate II game: Watcher's Keep, a multi-level dungeon of sorts.


War breaks out throughout Tethyr between the agitated Bhaalspawn who turn out to be numerous and fight each other for power. The player must venture through treacherous regions, including the besieged city of Saradush, the Fire Giant-controlled Marching Mountains and the desert village of Amkethran. Five legendary Bhaalspawn, each so powerful that they are impervious to normal weapons, rise to power and notoriety, forcing the player character to defeat them either for personal glory or for the fate of Tethyr. The player comes a long way from his or her humble beginnings in Candlekeep. Ultimately, the player must vanquish all competitors and be presented with the choice of ascending the throne of Bhaal and becoming the new God of Murder, or destroying it and returning to peaceful life as a mortal. The main character may also ascend the throne of Bhaal and banish Bhaal's evil essence, becoming a deity dedicated to good and righteousness.

The Five Bhaalspawn destroying Amn and attempting to fulfill the prophecy are:

An elven fighter/mage with a lot of bravado. She is the first Bhaalspawn the player character encounters in the expansion pack.
A Fire Giant besieging the city of Saradush with his army. He would be invulnerable but for an Achilles' heel in which the player character has sooner or later to solve in a series of quests which involve destroying his heart to render him vulnerable but no less fearsome.
A drow cleric/mage. The player character does not get the chance to draw swords against her immediately but must encounter wave after wave of attacks while plundering her lair.
A half-dragon of great power. The player character has to first kill his son, Draconis, outside Abazigal's lair before setting up a meeting with him.
A good monk of immense power, who feels the only way to destroy the curse of Bhaal is to become the only Bhaalspawn left, and then end his own life.

Epic spells[]

With the installation of the game, a number of special abilities become available to high-level Baldurs Gate II characters. Most of those available for mages and sorcerers are 10th-level spells. These can only be gained by reaching a new level above 19th, whereupon the spellcaster can choose one spell (or other ability) each time. As there is no way to gain spell slots of level above 9th in the 2nd-edition based game system of the Baldur's Gate series, these 10th-level spells are memorized and used as 9th-level spells, adding considerably to a sorcerer's list of known high-level spells. They are, however, designed to be distinctly more powerful than 9th-level spells. None of them belongs to any particular school of magic.



AbazigalArdic SanteleAlexander RalisarAmelyssanAmeralis ZauviirAsana HaraadAsmay JahagBennonBerena ElkanBerennBondariCarrasCarstonCespenarChinchillaChromatic DemonChyilCryonaxDemogorgonDraconisEgeissagEhlastraEkim CyreEler HadErrardFarielleFll'YissetatGarlenaGarockGavidGorion's WardGromnir Il-KhanThe HuntressIllaseraImixIycanthJamis TombelthenKarthis al-HezzarKarun the BlackKiser JhaeriLashar'raLazarus LibrarusLeilaMallaMarloweMaster WraithMateoMerliniousMirnielle SanteleMithykylNalmissraNanocNyaleeOdamaronOdrenOgremochOlhydraOris NimblefingerPeltjePolPyrgam AlesonRockSaemon HavarianSaladrexSamandCount SanteleSarevok AnchevSendaiTahazzarThelynn'ssTibbitToopVelithuuViekangVolothamp GeddarmVongoetheXei Win TohYaga-ShuraYan-C-BinY'tossiZakee Rafeha
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AbyssPocket PlaneTethyrThayThrone of Blood
Arcana ArchivesTankard TreeZephir
Watcher's Keep
Forest of MirMarching MountainsNorth Forest


Army of TethyrThe FiveKnights of the Vigil


abishaialu-fiendbalorbansheebear (black) • bone fiendbone golemburning mancambionchromatic demoncornugondeath tyrantdemon knightderrodevadevil shadedragon (green, brown, blue) • drowduergareagle eyeelemental (fire, earth) • elder orberinyesfell catfire giantfire trollflaming skullgauthghastgiant snakegibberlinggithyankiglabrezugolem (adamantite, bone, clay, ice, iron, magic, sand, juggernaut) • half-dragonhive motherimpkoboldkuo-toalichmarilithmimicmummymyconidnymphooze (fission slime, mustard jelly) • orcorogpit fiendplanetarpoison mistquasitrabbitsalamander (frost) • sentinelshadowshadow fiendshambling moundslimesolarspectral trollspellhauntspider (phasesword, vortex) • squirrelsuccubusswamp horrortanar'ritieflingtrollulitharidumber hulkvampirevampiric wraithwandering horrorwater weirdwerewyvernwolfwerewraithxvart


bag of plentybronze ioun stonecase of plentydeck of many thingsgolden ioun stonegolem manuallavender ioun stoneMalla's soul stoneNymph's tearobsidian ioun stonequiver of plentyShakti figurinesilver ioun stoneWong Fei's ioun stone
Aslyferund elven chainblessed bracersEnkidu's full plategargoyle bootsgauntlets of extraordinary specializationgrandmaster's armorhelm of the rockpaladin's bracersRoranach's HornShuruppak's platestudded leather of thornssylvan chainTzu-Zan's bracerswhite dragon scale
girdle of fire giant strengthMontolio's cloakthieves' hoodwondrous gloves
amulet of cheetah speedamulet of the Master Harperamulet of Seldarinecirclet of NetherilHeartwood ringring of anti-venomWarder's signet
darksteel shieldshield of the Order
The AnswererAxe of the UnyieldingClub of DetonationDagger of the StarDarkfire bowErinne slingFiretoothFoebaneGramHindo's DoomK'logarathIxil's NailIxil's SpikePsion's bladePurifierRavagerrunehammerShort Sword of MaskSpectral Brandstorm starStream of AnguishTaralashUsuno's bladeYamato
elven holy water
Staves, rod and wands
rod of reversalSerpent Staffstaff of the ramwand of cursingwand of spell striking
Machine of Lum the Mad
Elminster's Ecologies



1st level
Nahal's reckless dweomer
2nd level
chaos shield
7th level
improved chaos shield
8th level
Bigby's clenched fist
9th level
Bigby's crushing handwish
10th level
cometdragon's breathenergy bladesimproved alacritysummon dark planetarsummon planetar


aura of flaming deathelemental summoningenergy bladesglobe of bladesgreater elemental summoningimplosionmass raise deadstorm of vengeancesummon devasummon fallen deva


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