Baldur's Gate III is an upcoming computer game under development by Larian Studios and will be the third game in the Baldur's Gate series. It will be based on the 5th-edition Dungeons & Dragons rule set and will be set after the Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus tabletop adventure. It will be released as an early access game, after which other races, classes and other features will be added.

An ancient evil has returned to Baldur's Gate, intent on devouring it from the inside out. The fate of Faerûn lies in your hands. Alone, you may resist. But together, you can overcome.


Baldur's Gate III will be a role-playing game with turn-based combat. The non-combat exploration can either be top-down or in third-person view. The player creates their character, which can be be one of the following six classes: cleric, fighter, ranger, rogue, warlock, or wizard.[note 1] The ranger class will be largely modified. The character also chooses a background from the standard 5th-edition list, their ability scores, and skills they are proficient in. Alternatively, the player can choose an "Origins" character, which is pre-created. If an "Origins" character is not selected, they may still be available as a party member. The game will have a tutorial system to introduce the players to the basic mechanics.

The game aims to take characters from levels 1 to 10. In combat, the player can interact with the environment with standard actions (as well as bonus actions), such as attack, hide, or shoving a creature. Many other Dungeons & Dragons systems are implemented, such as rolling for initiative and death saving throws, imposing advantage or disadvantage, and being in difficult terrain. When combat has taken its toll, the player can make camp, which expands over time as more companions are recruited.


The player character starts off on a nautiloid. Along with their fellow prisoners, the character has been confined within a holding pod, and a mind flayer tadpole has been inserted into their eye. The spelljammer makes its way across Faerûn, and begins to destroy buildings as it flies across Yartar. A group of red dragon-riding githyanki intercept and attack it, and the dragons start to gain the advantage. The mind flayer then commands the nautiloid to seemingly disappear, and it spawns in a different location, and courses through Hell. The githyanki, however, manage to track down the spelljammer, and attack it once more. Finding an opening in the damaged vessel, a red dragon breathes fire over a vulnerable spot, causing an explosion that throws the illithid off balance. The mind flayer tries to relocate the nautiloid yet another time, but the explosion causes it to become very badly damaged. Teleporting back to Faerûn, the nautiloid crashes to the ground.

The player character awakes, stranded close to the bank of River Chionthar (somewhere seemingly very close to Elturel), where the rubble of the spelljammer covers the ground. They find themselves with new abilities, including telepathy. The player adventures on and may find companions along their way (some of which were also alongside them on the nautiloid). However, their potential companions believe that ceremorphosis will soon take hold, and they seek out a powerful cleric to heal them.




Lae'zel, a githyanki fighter.

AndornAradinArkaBarthBartonDamaysDror RagzlinDrukGimblebockKanonKlawMariMrakMuzulNymessaQuelennaRafaelRemiraSazzaShektTamanThe AbsoluteTuffetVolothamp GeddarmWarrynZa'krugZevlorZorru
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Playable Races
dwarf (duergar, hill) • elf (drow, high) • githyankihalf-elf (half-drow) • halfling (lightfoot) • humantiefling

A member of the Flaming Fist, after being violently turned into an illithid.

bearbeholder[1]boarbugbeardevildragon (red) • fishgnollgoblin • human (Netherese, Rashemi) • intellect devourermind flayerorcphase spiderskeletonundeadvampire spawnworg
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amulet of joy and sorrow
Stygian arrow
bootshelmetplate mailshield
Magic Weapons
The Watcher's Guide
potion of healingpotion of speed
Weapon Types
crossbowdaggergreataxehandaxelongbowlongswordmacemorning starquarterstaffrapierscimitarshortbowshortswordspear


Buildings & Sites
Blushing Mermaid[1]Ducal PalaceRamazith's towerSeatower of BalduranSorcerous Sundries
Baldur's GateYartar

A nautiloid appears over Yartar.

River Chionthar
Sword Coast
Nine Hells
Referenced only
DarklakeFeywild • Nine Hells (NessusStygia) • StardockUnderdarkWaterdeep


Cult of the AbsoluteFlaming Fist
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acid splashblade wardcreate waterdarknessfeather fallfire boltfriendsgreaseguidanceguiding boltidentifymage handmagic missileray of frostresistancesacred flameshieldshield of faithspeak with deadthunderwavewitch bolt


agateappleceremorphosischeddardarkvisionfishing rodgoldgraniteironjademilkmortar and pestlenautiloidoakpitchpoisonpotatopsionicsrubysilverspelljammertelepathythieves' toolstinWaterdhavian (cheese)yew
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Dead MagicWeave


  • A game under the title, Baldur's Gate III: The Black Hound, was being worked on but was cancelled in 2003. The games are not the same.
  • The Larian website pictured only the III part of the logo before the release announcement. Many speculated that the game was the sequel to Baldur's Gate II, and this was hinted in metadata. The actual announcement came on June 6th, 2019.



  1. All other classes in the Player's Handbook 5th edition (barbarian, bard, druid, monk, paladin, and sorcerer), as well as multiclassing, will be playable during the full release after Early Access.

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