Baleful polymorph was a transmutation spell that could change the form of a creature against its will.[1]


The spell changed the form of a creature into that of an animal of small stature like that of a dog or ape at the choice of the caster. The target retained its philosophical orientation. The same applied to its hardiness and its capacity to understand languages. If the target was a shapechanger in the first place, then they remained so[1] and could shape themselves back at any time.[4]

The target lost all its other capabilities and because the body was changed, the target's equipment fell to the ground.[4]

If the new chosen form was one that was unable to live in the current environment the creature was in,—for example, the form of a fish on the ground—the creature had an easier time to resist the forceful shapechange.[4]

Once changed, the target remained in the new form for an indefinite time. Whatever form the new one was, if the target did not find a way to revert its form in twenty-four hours, its mental faculties degenerated to those of the new form.[4]

Creatures with gaseous or incorporeal bodies were immune to the spell.[4]


Baleful polymorph was a spell that required only verbal and somatic components.[1]



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