Balors (pronounced: /ˈblɔːrBAY-lor[5] Loudspeaker listen or: /ˈbɑːlɔːrBAL-or[6]), also known as type VI demons,[4] were one of the most powerful types of tanar'ri. They were found serving as generals under demon lords or even as minor princelings.[3][2]


Balors were about 12 feet tall and weighed 4,500 pounds. Their skin was usually dark red and wrapped in flame.[3]


Balors were one of the most terrible creatures of the Abyss. They constantly strove for more power for themselves and chaos, terror, and misery for others.[3]


Balors preferred to battle from afar, using spells and abilities and ranged weapons. They usually carried a fiery whip and a vorpal (or lightning[2]) sword. Balors were able to summon hordes of dretches or a single more powerful tanar'ri.[3]

When a balor was killed, it exploded, severely harming anyone close to it and destroying any weapons the balor was holding.[3][2]

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