Baloreik was an evil drow adventurer.[1]


Baloreik was clad in ornamented armor, with a horned helmet atop his head, and a flowing, red cloak fastened to his back. His skin was dark, nearly green in complexion.[1]


In addition to his drow-style clothing and armor, Baloreik owned a cloak of the bat and a vorpal sword +5.[1]


He was a seasoned adventurer, having traveled far and wide. On one trip to the Astral Plane, Baloreik killed a githyanki and looted its vorpal sword. Following this, Baloreik avoided returning to the Astral Plane.[1]

Eventually, he fought Gort Ta'alen, scion of a lesser noble house of Menzoberranzan.[1]



  1. Baloreik's class is given as "Warrior", which is a generic class group encompassing Fighters, Paladins, and Rangers. Since Baloreik is chaotic evil, he can be neither a Paladin nor a Ranger, leaving Fighter as the only possibility.


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