Bambryn was a village in the Vast, lying on the crossroads of the Hlintar Ride, between Hlintar and Dark Hollow, and the Long Reach, between Sendrin and Orlimmin.[1][2]


During the early Time of Glorious Fools, after humans first settled the central Vast in the mid–7th century DR, the vengeful bandit Iljack of the Black Blade plagued the central Vast. He made Bambryn his base of operations.

Bambryn was a wealthy village by 1370 DR.[2]


Bambryn was a way-village marked by its rural beauty and common hedgerows. There were many horse-ranches and farms. There were manor houses belonging to the wealthy merchants and adventurers who settled there; these houses were protected by hired guards and war-dogs.[2]


Thanks to its proximity to local trade-routes, Bambryn was popular with merchants and adventurers, particularly those who'd been successful but not fully retired. It was a wealthy village, but this was largely invested in agriculture. Bambryn produced quality horses and luxury crops, like flowers, truffles, and other exotic fungi. These plants were kept fresh with cantrips prior to export.[2]

Rumors & LegendsEdit

Iljack of the Black Blade was widely thought to have hidden his loot somewhere in Bambryn, but it was never located. Once, a tree fell over in a storm, revealed a stone marked with a black sword buried beneath. However, there was no treasure underneath, just another stone carrying the message "Moved it all. See me for your share." and another black sword symbol.[2]


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