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Banderlogs were intelligent primates that resembled green-skinned baboons with brown fur.[1][2]


Banderlogs were less panicky than baboons.[1]


Although they attacked with their sharp fangs at close distances, banderlogs' preferred offense was throwing retch plant fruits or coconuts, often while hanging off of a tree branch with one hand.[1][2]


Banderlog tribes consisted of up to twenty-four individuals, with one or more large males as their leaders. Their homes were communal nests in the highest branches of palm trees, constructed out of leaves. While generally without possessions, occasionally the odd piece of jewelry or some other valuable item was found in a banderlog's tribal home.[1][2]


Banderlogs had their own rudimentary language, consisting of chatters and grunts.[1][2]


Although looked down upon and often dominated by dakons, banderlogs considered these fellow intelligent primates to be their kin and would often fight alongside them against foes such as yuan-ti, qullan, tasloi, and gnolls.[3]

Notable Banderlogs[]

Harran goat herders were known to have experimented with letting their livestock be milked by trained banderlogs. These banderlogs were competitive with one another, seeing who could milk goats the fastest. The goats themselves appeared to prefer the touch of banderlogs' hands to those of humans, and would frequently fall asleep standing while being milked by one.[4]



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