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Banelar nagas (also simply called banelars[1]) were evil, spell-wielding nagas with large, humanoid heads.[2]


Their eyes had a green tint to them, and their scales were a greenish purple, but they had brown tails tipped with stingers. Around their mouths were weak yet agile tentacles. They could breathe in either air or water.[2]

Their voices had a hissing aspect to them, and they spoke Common, Orcish, and Draconic languages.[2]


A banelar wielding a magic wand with one of its tentacles.

Banelar nagas' tails had venomous stingers on them, with the poison causing a target's skin to turn blue. In addition to this natural weapon, they favored fighting with spells, mainly from the Evil, Water, and Magic domains. They also used a variety of magical items to complement this, sometimes holding them with their tiny tentacles.[2]


Banelar nagas followed Bane, with Cyric being a less-favored god whose priests they worked with from 1358 DR until 1372 DR, at which point the majority, but not all, returned to their previous ways. The ones who remained with this new path worked with the Zhentarim or stayed with one of two temples: Twin Towers of the Eternal Eclipse in Amn and the House of Cyric in Skullport.[2] Besides Bane and Cyric, some banelar also became servants of the duergar deities Deep Duerra and Laduguer.[6]

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  1. Banelars originally were listed as magical beasts, but this was changed with the publication of Serpent Kingdoms. They have also been given three separate challenge ratings—5 in Monster Compendium: Monsters of Faerûn, 7 in the "Monster Update" web enhancement to Player's Guide to Faerûn, and finally 8 in Serpent Kingdoms.

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