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Baneliches were liches who served as clerics of Bane during their mortal lives.[1][3]


Baneliches looked and acted the same as others of their kind,[4] but they continued to worship Bane in undeath.[1]


They shared the same immunities as regular liches, and wielded powers such as paralyzing attacks and the aura of fear they put forth.[1]

Baneliches retained most of their clerical powers from life, and continued to garner more power in undeath, achieving new heights every hundred years or so.[1]


A banelich circa the 14th century DR.

Dismayed by the number of his followers who were slain by agents of good, Bane took direct action beginning in the time not long after his apotheosis. Every half century or so, Bane would reveal to his most powerful priest the method in which they could serve him for eternity as a banelich.[1]

Over the centuries, about 35 of his priests underwent the process to become a Banelich. Only ten of them were accurately identified by others in the Realms.[1]

Most baneliches were destroyed in the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR, when followers of Iyachtu Xvim released the Tyrantfog across northern and central Faerûn. Those that survived carried on with the plots and plans they had developed.[5][1]

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