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Banishment was an abjuration spell that banished extraplanar beings to their home planes.[5][6]


Functioning as a more potent form of dismissal, banishment drove extraplanar beings out of the caster's home plane. The number and power of creatures that could be banished increased with the power of the caster. For greater chance of success, the caster had to show one or more items or substances that the creature despised, feared, or was in opposition to. For example, a demon disliked light and was vulnerable to holy water and cold iron weapons, so the caster might use iron, holy water, and a torch to maximize the spell's effectiveness. Rare and special items could boost its strength.[5][6]

If the target was banished in its native plain, it was sent to a harmless demiplane, and if the spell wasn't broken within a minute the creature would remain in its native plain.[2]


It required verbal and somatic components, as well as a focus,[5][6] and optionally any item the target found distasteful.[5][6][2]


The spell was attributed to Netherese arcanist Oberon in −980 DR and was originally called Oberon's banish.[1]



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