Baniya Dolester was a human female priestess of Lliira in the city of Procampur in the Vast.[1]


In the Year of the Shield, 1367 DR, she served as High Priest of the Hall of Success temple in the Temple District of Procampur. It had formerly been dedicated to Waukeen, but was later reconsecrated to Lliira following the apparent death of Waukeen during the Time of Troubles, in the Year of Shadows, 1358 DR.[1] [note 1]

One of Dolester's duties was to care for the former High Priest, Undil Latheen, who'd gone mad with the disappearance of Waukeen.[2][1]

In Marpenoth of 1367 DR, when Procampur was struck by the featherlung plague, Dolester worked with High Priest Orn Thavil of Tymora and set up auxiliary shrines in the District of the Poor to treat the sick there. Though their actions halted the spread of the disease, the Thultyrl reprimanded both high priests for breaking Procampur's district rules, and were reminded that the city and its laws were older than a number of deities.[3]



  1. It is unknown if Dolester was a priestess of Waukeen who converted to Lliira or if she was a Lliiran who'd assumed control of the Waukeenar temple.


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