A Banshee (pronounced: /ˈbænʃiBÆN-shee[5]) was a female undead phantom[6], a selfish, strong-willed spirit that embodied the essence of hideousness.[7] They delighted the death to any living creature.[citation needed]


A banshee didn't have a defined shape rather a misty form[6] with vague and flowing features[7] that mirrored her former form in life. As time wore on a banshee became more and more distorted, though still was recognizable as a humanoid. In the same way a banshee retained a shadow of her former appearance, she was also able to speak and understand the same language with which she was fluent in life.[8]

Although their shape was incorporeal the appearance of a banshee was horrific, and their mere presence would draw the energy from their surroundings to the point of stunting local floral growth.[8]


Banshees hated all living things with an unholy fury; they could sense life approaching them and would attack anyone who trespassed in their territory. Along with their terrifying visage, the mere touch of a banshee would drain her victim.[8]

The banshee's most feared weapon was a piercing wail that was as harmful as any material weapon.[7] This scream was deadly to almost all who could hear.[8]

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