Bapar Ghalmrin was a member of Clan Ghalmrin in Starspire Mountains in Tethyr in 1370 DR.[1]


Bapar, as the fourth son, was always considered redundant and expendable, so he dreamed of finding the Wyrmskull Throne and gaining the respect of his distant father and his oldest brothers. He, like all true members of Clan Ghalmrin, knew that the only true heirs of the ancient kings of Shanatar were duergar.[1]


In 1370 DR, following some clues, Bapar and his companions Odak Truesteel and Soram Battlebellow discovered that a group possessing one of the lost Scepters of Shanatar must be in the village of Toralth.[2]

On the night of Uktar 10, they entered the tavern seeking the Sondarr Scepter and interrupting the ballad that a bard was singing for the lost companions of the Shields of the Highland adventuring company. He accused some of the patrons of thieving from the dwarves and asked them to turn over to him the thieves and the stolen goods.[2]

Bramas Thorntree then accused some of the other patrons of stealing the scepter but Timor, Karr, and Vajal of the Shields of the Highland got up from their chairs and began throwing their beer mugs and swinging their chairs. Bapar was hit by Timor's mug and a tavern brawl was started when Soram stepped up to defend his prince. The true thieves, the Company of the Anvil, tried to use this as an opportunity for Bramas to escape with the scepter, but the dwarves eventually caught up with him and recovered it.[2]

Soon, however, the aquatic elf tyrant Gantar Kraok, who possessed the Wyrmskull Throne itself, used his ring of telekinesis to teleport the scepter to him in Seros, alongside Bapar's party. Quickly Gantar seized the scepter and teleported away.[3]


Bapar was the fourth son of Arduke Obar Ghalmrin but he had a distant relationship with his father.[1]




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