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Baphitaurs were monstrous planetouched creatures that lived in the Labyrinth in the Underdark.[1]


Baphitaurs were tall, broad creatures, about 6 feet (1.8 meters) tall.[note 1] They most closely resembled minotaurs, with a bestial head and bull ears, as well as short, very sharp horns. Their bodies were covered in stringy hair and they possessed a long tail. Their feet were those of humanoids rather than hooves.[1]


Like their minotaur relatives, baphitaurs had an innate sense of direction and understanding of mazes, and could not get lost while in one. Additionally, their demon blood provided resistance to cold, electricity, and fire. Baphitaurs possessed a keen sense of smell. Once each day, a baphitaur could create darkness. Additionally, all baphitaurs were capable of raging like a barbarian.[1]


Baphitaurs were a nasty, brutish people of similar mindset as their demonic ancestors. Most baphitaurs trained as barbarians; however, clerics were also known. Baphitaurs worshiped the demon lord Baphomet.[1]


Baphitaurs were the product of ancient Netherese experiments that combined human, minotaur, and demon blood (namely ghour and goristro demons[3]) through awful sorcery. They were initially created at the school of magic at Andalbruin, but escaped centuries before Netheril fell to dwell in the Labyrinth. There they would come to dwell for many centuries, improving upon its original dwarven design[1] and continuing the foul practices a dwarven cult there used to commit in the name of baphomet.[4] Eventually normal minotaurs came to live in the Labyrinth alongside them, whom the baphitaurs would lead in the worship of baphomet.[5]

In the late 14th century DR, the baphitaurs started becoming increasingly active. They extended their reach to the Underdark paths around the Labyrinth and their devotion to baphomet reached a frenzied pitch.[4]

Notable Baphitaurs[]

  • Yorthon, the leader of a company of monsters called Hargrath.[6]


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  1. The source says about the same size and build as an orc warrior.


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