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Barakuir, also known as the Iron Kingdom, was a part of the dwarven realm of Shanatar, dominated by the shield dwarf Clan Duergar, whose inhabitants would eventually be transformed into the gray dwarves. The kingdom venerated Laduguer and was ruled by a priest-king who was known as the Iron Shield.[1][2]


Barakuir held fierce rivalries with the neighbouring sub-kingdoms of Drakkalor and Ultoksamrin, which were converted to open conflict during the Spawn Wars from around −9000 DR.[2][3]

Barakuir swore its allegiance to the Wyrmskull Throne of Shanatar and fought in the Second Spider War from −8145 DR to −8137 DR. As it came to an end, Barakuir believed its king should have been the one selected to rule all of Shanatar, and when this did not happen, Barakuir's inhabitants became bitter and turned away from the other kingdoms of Shanatar.[1]

Although many clans originally inhabited Barakuir, the ruling Clan Duergar became increasingly tyrannical, leading the other clans to flee.[2]

Around −8100 DR, the Mindstalker Wars between Shanatar and the illithids of Oryndoll caused Barakuir to become cut off from the rest of Shanatar, preventing reinforcements from arriving. It was conquered by the illithids and its inhabitants were enslaved. In the millenia that followed, the inhabitants of Barakuir eventually became the gray dwarves, a distinct dwarven race.[1]

Around −4000 DR, the duergar of Barakuir rebelled against their slavers and liberated themselves.[4] On acquisition of this freedom, the dwarves created new subterranean holdings in the North Underdark underneath the Orsraun Mountains, and also underneath the Great Glacier.[1]