Baraskur was the mountainside stronghold of the Ripped Gut orc tribe during the 14th century DR.[1]


The cavernous fortress of Baraskur was built in memory of a great orc hero. It stood on a slope of the Nether Mountains at the end of a rough path that flanked a precipice. The fortress was located on the southern flank of the Orcsblood Peak between Deadsnows and Sundabar.[1]


Orc raiding parties from Baraskur infested Moon Pass, Turnstone Pass, and Fork Road.[1]

The orcs were haunted by the ghost of Aumathra, a human sorcerer that cohabited with the Ripped Gut orcs centuries before the Time of Troubles. When her spirit was restless, it would possess the body of women who had been gathered by the orcs. They would select someone that both shared her physical likeness, as well as her talent for arcane spellcasting. In the time that she chose to possess her host bodies, Aumathra would command the Ripped Guy orcs as if they were her slaves.[1]


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