Barbers were rogues who plied their trade and honed their skills in the bazaars of Zakhara.[1][note 1]


All types of rogues could be barbers. However, some Moralistic areas of Zakhara required female barbers to only service other females.[1]


Barbers were masters of the street. Elaborate showmen, these rogues possessed quick wits and sharp tongues. Any gold they couldn't talk a customer out of could always be stolen by deft hands. These men and women were always a good source of gossip or for obtaining serious information.[1]


All kinds of equipment were available to barbers, but they almost always had access to a full barbering kit with a sharp razor.[1]


Barbers were adept and figuring out the functions of magical items.[1]

Barbers lacked experience in many skills common to other thieves because they had to spend so much time mastering their barbering crafts, sometimes even attending formal classes.[1]



  1. Barber was a rogue class kit for the Al-Qadim setting.


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