A bard's blade was an enchanted blade that granted the wielder a number of powerful boons and magical abilities. They were known to exist in Faerûn prior to the Spellplague.[1]


This type of blade could appear in the form of a dagger, short sword, or long sword and always possessed a +2 enchantment. Regardless of its shape and size, it offered its wielder limited protected against petrification, unwanted shape-changing, immobilization, and sleep and charm effects.[1]

The blade could neutralize poison by contact and will of the wielder, three times per day.[1]

Additionally, a bard's blade had four spells cast into it upon creation: remove curse, dimension door, limited wish, and time stop. Whenever the wielder grasped the blade and so willed, they could release the effects of one of these spells. These spells could only be "recharged" by a subsequent re-casting of the spell, directed upon the blade itself.[1]



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