County Bardshyr was a wide stretch of cattle fields and ranches in the Purple Marches of Tethyr and the site of Castle Tethyr before its destruction.[1]


Bardshyr was the northeastern county of the Purple Marches, located south of the Sulduskoon River. Moving clockwise from the north, it was bordered by Uluran, Ithmonn, Elemetar, and Vintor.[3]

The Ithal Road[1] and the Trade Way[4] passed through the county.


In 1370 DR, Bardshyr was officially under the leadership of Count Ellem Sunspear I. However, he left control in the hands of his son, Lhorik Sunspear, because the elder Sunspear's wife was dying.[1]

The county seat was an old keep known as Saharkhan,[1] where the Ithal Road met the Trade Way.[4]

Notable LocationsEdit

Alemander's Needle 
the fallen burial stone of Alemander II
Castle Tethyr 
once the royal palace, later destroyed and called the "Tethyruins"




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