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The Bargewright Inn was an important wayside hub for travelers of all sorts located on Jundar's Hill overlooking Ironford on the River Dessarin.[2]


To the south of the Bargewright Inn was Goldenfields.[3]


The Lords of Waterdeep and the Harpers both had agents within the Bargewright as the Zhentarim were vying for control of the surrounding area.[1] Despite these power plays the inn remained a haven for travelers from all throughout the North.[4]


The inn was fortified by Feston Bargewright after numerous attacks from bandits and brigands; this feat was accomplished with the help of several Waterdhavian merchants.[1]

By the Year of the Iron Dwarf's Vengeance, 1485 DR the settlement and many of its business people fell under Zhentarim influence.[5]

Notable Inhabitants Edit

14th Century
15th Century




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