Barbanas was a wizard in the mortal world for a period of time, but lived a second life of sorts as a flameskull after his death. He dwelled on the plane of Avernus in the Nine Hells, under the dominion of the night hag Mad Maggie.[1]


By and large, Barnabas was as self-important in undeath as he was magically powerful in life. While he was forgetful he had periodic great insights and recalled profound arcane knowledge from his previous existence.[1]


After his death as a mortal, the wizard Barnabas' skull was stolen from his tomb by one of his rivals. It was then turned into his newer form of a flameskull.[1]

Barnabas' rival later formed an infernal pact with Mad Maggie, a night hag from Avernus, and offered up Barnabas as part of the deal. Barnabas was brought into the Knucklebones Gang, a motley band that included other fiends, kenkus, imps and redcaps.[1]

Barnabas was tormented by the gang's redcaps, but was too humiliated too complain. Around the Year of Twelve Warnings, 1494 DR, Barnabas lost a tooth when one of the fey hurled a metal gear at his jaw, causing him to whistle whenever he spoke.[1]



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